De Vrij reveals he plans to join a new team, has informed his agent

Stefan De Vrij, Inter Milan defender, has made insightful remarks regarding his future in an interview with the Telegraph. In this conversation, he shed light on his continued stay at Inter and his intentions regarding the transfer market.

In the interview with the British newspaper, De Vrij reflected on the past and his career aspirations going forward.

“The year before, my agent had found some options,” De Vrij revealed to the Telegraph.

The central defender further elaborated on his current mindset, stating, “I’m happy at Inter and I still have a contract here.”

He also addressed the persistent transfer rumours, emphasising his contentment with his current situation. “There are always speculations, but my focus remains on my performances for the club,” De Vrij shared.

De Vrij’s comments come amidst ongoing discussions about potential moves in the upcoming transfer windows, and his words offer some clarity on where he stands.

It is clear that for now, Stefan De Vrij is committed to wearing the black and blue stripes of Inter Milan, as he looks forward to contributing to their successes in the near future.

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