De Rossi Leads as Coach Makes Move for Chiesa to Roma

AS Roma is showing keen interest in Juventus winger Federico Chiesa, with the club’s top brass reportedly taking leading roles in enticing the player towards a new chapter in his vibrant football career.

In particular, it’s reported that former midfielder and now coach, Daniele De Rossi, is said to have taken the initiative in this pursuit.

The Italian technician has reportedly made contact with Chiesa via telephone, indicating their serious interest in his services, according to sources close to the matter. While further details of the conversation remain undisclosed, De Rossi’s involvement in the discussions hints towards high level negotiations, possibly reflecting Chiesa’s significance to Roma’s squad strengthening plans.

Backing these speculations are further reports that Roma’s management is pulling out all stops to convince the spry winger to make a move for a fresh adventure at Stadio Olimpico.

However, no official confirmation has yet come from either clubs or Chiesa’s representatives.

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