De Laurentiis praises Conte, stating he has specific market desires

During the press conference for the unveiling of Antonio Conte as the new Napoli manager, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis took the opportunity to share some noteworthy remarks about the appointment.

“Conte is a gentleman and did not want to mention names, but he speaks of Kvara and Di Lorenzo in glowing terms,” said De Laurentiis. This statement underscores Conte’s respect for the current squad and his focus on maintaining a professional approach.

De Laurentiis continued, emphasizing the qualities that Conte brings to the club. “Antonio’s experience and winning mentality are exactly what Napoli needs at this pivotal moment.” He added that the club is excited about the new leadership and the potential for success in the upcoming seasons.

The press conference also addressed the future of Napoli’s key players, Kvaratskhelia and Di Lorenzo, who have become central to transfer rumours and speculation. De Laurentiis reassured the fans, stating that both players are integral to Conte’s plans.

“We are confident in Antonio’s vision and strategy regarding team development, which includes Kvara and Di Lorenzo,” said De Laurentiis. This reassurance comes amidst growing interest from other European clubs looking to poach Napoli’s star talents.

Antonio Conte himself expressed his enthusiasm to lead Napoli, marking it as a new chapter in his managerial career. “I am honoured to be here and excited to work with such talented players. Together, we aim to achieve great things,” Conte remarked during the press conference.

The Napoli faithful will be watching closely to see how Conte’s strategies unfold and what changes may come as the new manager takes the helm.

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