D’Aversa on Lazio Lecce: Errors not allowed, they are very strong

Ahead of Lecce’s opening game of the return round against Lazio, Lecce manager Roberto D’Aversa offered his comments in a press conference.

D’Aversa delved into tactical analyses while speaking about the 4-3-3 formations that both teams employ. “The work of the flank players becomes significant when 4-3-3 tactic is used as the aim is to gain numerical superiority in the field,” said the manager. He acknowledged Lazio’s proficiency in maintaining ball possession and their ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces. He emphasised that to neutralise Lazio’s strengths, Lecce needs to exert pressure on their opponents, especially considering that Lazio has a technically skilled squad. D’Aversa’s statements were carried by Lecce’s official website.

The experienced coach also touched on the importance of reducing errors while playing against these formidable opponents. He emphasized, “to win the games, conceding goals should be minimised”. D’Aversa acknowledged the challenges that lay ahead — Lazio’s stellar home form evidenced by four consecutive home-win streaks and the momentum gained after winning their derby match. He touted the crowd’s enthusiasm and constant support for Lazio an undeniable factor but insisted on Lecce’s need to stay focused and maintain a balance during the game to get a positive result.

D’Aversa also hinted at the common characteristic in the championship about goals from set-pieces. “There are more structured teams than ours that struggle with set-piece goals,” he said. D’Aversa admitted that they recognise their shortcomings and consistently work on them, but predominantly focus on their strengths.

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