Damascelli: Inter not just about Lautaro Martinez, but he’s more important than Lukaku and Vlahovic

Renowned journalist, Tony Damascelli, has spoken out on the radio station Radio 104.5 about Inter Milan’s performance this season.

In his interview, he shared his views on Juventus and Inter Milan’s competition. He stated that in relation to the mediocrity at the current stages, Juventus can hold its own. However, to improve, he suggested that Inter Milan might need to decline.

Regarding individuals dominating Inter Milan’s team, Damascelli remarked: “Consider Lautaro Martinez’s importance, it’s on par with the likes of Lukaku, Vlahovic, if not more!” These comments were made on Radio Radio 104.5.

Damascelli went on to commend Inter Milan’s strength and solidity. He highlighted their different offensive solutions, suggesting it’s not all down to Martinez.

“Lautaro is the top scorer, but that doesn’t mean without him, there are no other solutions. Everyone scores and this is a very important asset for Inzaghi,” he further commented.

Damascelli’s comments on Radio 104.5 underline the fact that it’s not just individual superstars but also overall team performance that plays a crucial role in Inter Milan’s success this season.

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