Cucciari Asserts Thiago Motta Deserves to Join a Top-Tier Club, Dismisses Bologna Option

In a recent interview on TMW Radio, football coach Alessandro Cucciari discussed the future prospects of Thiago Motta, currently head coach of Bologna. Motta’s name is frequently linked with Milan as a potential future manager.

Cucciari proclaimed, “He was a great champion who has experienced important environments. In my opinion, there’s no doubt he should be given an opportunity. It wouldn’t surprise me if Juventus decide to start fresh with Motta and Giuntoli. At times, the value of a coach’s ability is counted beyond their successes, and Motta, an emerging coach, definitely merits making the leap.”

Cucciari continued, pointing out the Bologna’s stylistic appeal under Motta’s management, “What I enjoy watching about Bologna, it’s replete with fun. Giuntoli has been taken on because over the years he has consistently pulled multiple rabbits out of the hat – how many unknowns has he lit up and turned into Napoli’s fortunes?”

Cucciari laid emphasis on echoing radical change, “Giuntoli was chosen for a total demolition and reconstruction of the club. Juventus is doing a lot with their second-string team, revealing terrific young players, but they haven’t yet really sunk their teeth into the market. A lot of groundwork has been laid; now we’ll get to see what happens next.”

Clearly, the coach’s views echo a sense of anticipation about Motta’s central role in some potentially significant shifts within Italian football.

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