Cuadrado announces: I have to undergo tendon surgery, reveals the message

Inter Milan’s right winger Juan Cuadrado has announced he is set to undergo surgery. Cuadrado communicated the news on his Instagram profile to update his followers on his health condition.

Cuadrado, suffering from tendon related issues, has tried every possible recovery option available to an athlete. Nevertheless, the pain from the injury often became unbearable, hindering the Colombian footballer from giving his absolute best on the field.

In a candid statement, Cuadrado stated on his Instagram profile, “I have contended with tendon pains and have done all that an athlete can do to recover, and have even trained and played through pain that at times becomes unbearable and doesn’t allow me to give 100%.”

Cuadrado explained that despite exploring all therapeutic options to avoid surgery, his doctors have warned of potential risks of worsening his condition if he did not opt for surgery. “The doctors tell me it could get worse if I don’t make this decision,” he said.

Cuadrado also expressed his sadness at not being able to perform his best on-field for Inter. “It upsets me greatly that I couldn’t do this for this great club that has given me a significant opportunity,” he added.

The Inter Milan star concluded, putting his faith in God, hoping for a speedy recovery and return to the field. “I always have faith in God as he makes everything work for the best,” he stated. The faith and resilience shown by the accomplished footballer are evident, and his many fans and followers will undoubtedly be rooting for his speedy recovery.

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