Criscitiello confident: Antonio Conte will go to Milan

Antonio Conte, former Juventus coach, might be the upcoming manager for AC Milan, states Michele Criscitiello, the Director of Sportitalia. Conte is suggested as the frontrunner to replace Stefano Pioli, according to Criscitiello’s opinion.

Criscitiello told Sportitalia, “Milan needs to conclude a cycle that has been brilliant. Pioli won a Scudetto, took you to a Champions League semi-final and achieved objectives. He was a ferryman, he demonstrated he’s a winner. Applause for Stefano Pioli.”

He added, whilst commending Pioli’s achievements, that “coaching cycles do come to an end in football”, and that Pioli has already given his all, “200%”.

In the ongoing speculation, other names such as Roberto De Zerbi and Thiago Motta have been floated as potential successors to Pioli. However, Criscitiello dismisses them by stating it is probably too late for De Zerbi, and Motta’s return to Milan incites some doubt.

“Does Conte want to return to Milan? Yes. Does he regret leaving Inter? Probably, but Conte lives in Turin and he has already made a lifestyle choice. Today, he would open the door to Milan” – Criscitiello remarked.

Discussing the currently prevailing mindsets of Inter and Juventus, the Sportitalia director stated, “Regardless of all the political and economic issues they have had, they possess a winning mentality.”

He finished by highlighting the winning track records of Simone Inzaghi and Massimiliano Allegri and mentioned, “This year, they are competing for the Scudetto. Milan should try with Conte”.

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