Costacurta questions if Milan is training as he draws Inter comparison

Former Milan defender Alessandro Costacurta has spoken out about the struggling form of his old club. During an interview with Sky Calcio Club, Costacurta discussed the poor performance of AC Milan in recent matches.

Costacurta said, “Milan struggles greatly to run well and play with a free mind, perhaps there is also a bit of psychophysical tension in the players… Maybe, they fear getting hurt”. He also drew a contrast with the form of other clubs, suggesting that Milan lacked their rhythm and energy. “Other teams play at a good pace, without exaggerating things. So, I ask you: how does Milan train according to you? Is there time to recover?”, Costacurta asked.

The former defender then went on to compare AC Milan with their city rivals Inter, implying a significant difference between the two. “Look at Inter, it’s not like that. There is a difference”, Costacurta stated. His speech drew attention to the belief that Milan is not keeping up with its rivals, both in training and on the field.

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