Cosenza FC considers Caserta’s future

The future of Caserta as coach of Cosenza football club is increasingly in doubt, particularly after their recent comeback defeat to Como.

Reflecting on this, club president Guarascio, along with the club management, is contemplating the next course of action. As reported by Il Corriere dello Sport, they are in a crossroad: one path is to continue supporting the coach despite the recent downturn, while the other is to seek a change that could potentially rejuvenate the team after the break.

While no official statement has been shared, there is an increasing speculation on the possibility of seeing a different team on the pitch following the break. The final decision, however, rests with club president Guarascio and his team.

The recent defeat to Como has certainly added to the growing pressure on Caserta whose future at Cosenza is currently under scrutiny. Football fans and the club community will be watching closely for updates in the coming days.

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