Coppa Italia, Round of Sixteen Draws Announced

The Italian Referees Association (AIA) has announced the list of officials for the forthcoming Coppa Italia round of 16. Here are the details.

For the clash between Milan and Cagliari, scheduled for Tuesday, 2nd January at 21:00, Prontera will be the central referee. He will be assisted by Mondin and Margani, with Dionisi acting as the fourth official. VAR duties will be handled by Gariglio, with Mazzoleni as the assistant VAR (AVAR).

On Wednesday, 3rd January at 18:00, Atalanta faces Sassuolo. Santoro is named as the referee for the fixture. Prenna and Vecchi will be the assistant referees, with Volpi delegated as the fourth official. Serra will be in charge of VAR, supported by AVAR Piccinini.

Roma takes on Cremonese later on Wednesday night at 21:00. Pairetto is appointed as the centre referee for this fixture. Moro and Garzelli will be his assistants. Camplone will be the fourth official, with Meraviglia acting as the VAR and Chiffi as the AVAR.

Finally, on Thursday, 4th January at 21:00, Juventus hosts Salernitana. Ghersini will referee the game, with assistance from De Meo and Dei Giudici. Zufferli will be the fourth official. The VAR will be Aureliano, and Sacchi will provide additional support as AVAR.

Essential to note is that all these assignments were confirmed by AIA.

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