Conte’s Surprise Financial Request to De Laurentiis Leaves Everyone in Napoli Stunned!

In the latest football transfer news, significant attention is being drawn to the negotiations between Napoli’s Aurelio De Laurentiis and Antonio Conte, a former coach of Serie A teams Juve and Inter. According to a recent report by La Repubblica, a thorough analysis of the negotiation process has been presented.

Antonio Conte is said to have made a significant demand to Napoli, requesting a wage package reported to be over 10 million euros net per season. The authoritative reputation and performance history of Conte have led to this assertion, which is yet to be addressed by De Laurentiis.

“La Repubblica reports Antonio Conte’s demand for an annual net salary of more than 10 million euros from Napoli,” is an excerpt from the Italian daily, which points out the financial expectations of Conte from the ongoing negotiations.

The unfolding negotiation events and the rumoured high wage request by Conte are sure to keep football fans and pundits keenly interested over the next few days. There is no official word yet from Napoli or Aurelio De Laurentiis.

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