Como, Fabregas: We’re Happy With Average Points, But…

Cesc Fabregas, Como’s coach, has spoken to the club’s official channels on the eve of their Serie B match against Brescia.

Fabregas expressed satisfaction with the team’s current points average but stressed the importance of focusing on each game as it comes. “We’re pleased with the point average, but we take it game by game. So far, the team has done very well and we must continue in this manner,” he said, as quoted by the club’s official channels.

The former footballer, however, downplayed the promotion talk. “Promotion? It’s a nice bar chat, fantastic (laughs), but we don’t see it that way,” said Fabregas subtly tempering expectations.

Turning his attention to their upcoming opponents, Fabregas acknowledged Brescia’s recent good form and balance in attack and defence. But he expressed confidence in his squad. “Brescia? They are a team that has been playing well lately. They have found an effective way to attack and defend. But we are well prepared, even though we have many absences,” he said.

With player Barba facing a suspension, Fabregas hinted at a possible opportunity for Solini. “Solini has great chances of playing. The important thing is understanding what to do with and without the ball, mental strength,” he added.

However, the Como coach assured that some players from the youth team might be promoted due to few senior players’ absences. He affirmed, “We will have to also bring a couple of youngsters onto the bench because there are some absences.”

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