Cioffi press conference: We need to grow quickly, our goal for survival is clear

Gabriele Cioffi, the head coach of Udinese FC, addressed the media on the impending clash against Sassuolo.

In his pre-match press conference, Cioffi echoed confidence and resilience in the face of individual errors from his players, stating, “I am not scared of individual mistakes; it’s a part of growth. We have to grow quickly, and from tomorrow, I expect a certain performance. As it stands, our current league standing reflects that, and we have to keep working towards our target.”

On the issue of injuries within the squad, Cioffi maintained a practical approach, refraining from blaming circumstance. He argued that those players eager for more playing time must prove their worth on the pitch. Despite injuries, Cioffi confirmed there was no update on other injured players this week.

Remarking on Udinese’s recent match against Inter, Cioffi highlighted the initial goal they conceded as a bitter moment, after which the team lost their rhythm. He did not provide a direct quote on this.

This speech was delivered during the press conference ahead of the Udinese-Sassuolo match.

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