Chiesa to Napoli: Possible Deal? Latest Insight on Azzurri’s Next Move

Federico Chiesa’s potential move to Napoli could be a game-changer in Juventus’ transfer market activities.

Francesco Montervino, the sporting director of Virtus Francavilla and former captain of Napoli, revealed some crucial details about the possible transfer on 1 Station Radio’s programme, 1 Football Club.

Discussing the likelihood of Chiesa’s transfer to Napoli, Montervino said, “The player’s entourage has indeed been contacted.”

This revelation could significantly influence the future of the talented winger, who has been a key player for Juventus since his arrival.

Montervino’s comments add fuel to the ongoing speculation, hinting that the discussions between Napoli and Chiesa’s representatives are progressing.

He further added, “While nothing is set in stone yet, the interest from Napoli is very real, and both parties are keen to explore this opportunity.”

With the transfer window wide open, fans eagerly watch this space for further developments.

If the move goes through, Chiesa’s addition could bolster Napoli’s squad, making them even stronger contenders in the Serie A.

As we await more updates, it’s clear that Chiesa’s footballing journey might soon take a new and exciting turn.

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