Champions Fiorentina, Frosinone Declines: Two True Confirmations at Close of 2023

From time to time, raising one’s gaze from the latest match to observe continuity in results can provide greater insight into the flow of the Serie A tournament. Currently, there are only two teams that have maintained a consistent pattern in their last three matches – one consistently clinching victory, and the other persistently facing defeats.

Fiorentina comes forward with a series of consistent wins. The team’s manager, Italiano, has been delighted with his team’s ability to secure three points even when they fail to shine their brightest. This becomes all the more commendable when one considers how they’re coping with the absence of Nico Gonzalez and Jack Bonaventura’s drop in form. Despite matches against Verona, Monza, and Torino, Fiorentina’s successes have largely gone unchallenged, placing them in a virtual Champions League position.

On the other hand, the dice hasn’t been rolling favourably for Frosinone. They had a challenging line-up against Lecce, Juventus, and Lazio, but their continued losses were deemed avoidable. More so, given two of their defeats occurred in the match’s dying minutes, and the latest when they had an advantageous position at the Stadio Olimpico.

Thus, these developments in the Serie A landscape reaffirm the unpredictable and exciting nature of football, where fortunes can overturn at the blink of an eye.

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