Castellanos sparks Lazio revival with goal and assist

In the absence of their star striker, Immobile, it was ‘Taty’ Castellanos who stepped up to reignite Lazio following their setback from a goal by Soulé.

Castellanos shone on the field as the best player during the match held at the Stadio Olimpico. His outstanding performance revitalised his team’s spirit. One could infer from his rating on Tuttosport, that he did indeed play a crucial role in the team’s fightback. He was rewarded with an impressive score of 7, highlighting his tireless efforts not just in possession, but also off it.

Lauding his performance, Tuttosport stated, “He expends a great deal of energy even when not in possession of the ball. He capped a great performance with a goal that was as difficult as it was crucial, and an assist.”

By picking up the mantle and rejuvenating Lazio’s gameplay, Taty Castellanos justifies the faith his team has placed in him.

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