Casini warns of potential damage and paradoxes if growth decree is abolished

Lorenzo Casini, President of Lega Serie A, has discussed the recent abolition of the growth decree during an interview with Rai Radio 1.

Casini warned that there would be immediate damages and paradoxes due to the abolishment. He suggested that these damages will primarily be economic, with Italian teams facing a lack of resources and reduced competitiveness. As a result, such teams may struggle to attract or retain champions in Italy.

In a direct quote from the interview, Casini says, “The paradox is that there will be no major revenues for the State, in fact, there will be less revenue for the treasury, and in addition, it will be the nurseries and young Italian players who will be damaged: there will be fewer resources and the special regime for champions will no longer exist, we will return to the ordinary regime and therefore in reality the young people will be less protected.”

This could be interpreted to mean that the abolition will have a detrimental impact on the development and protection of young talent in Italian football, according to Casini. He concluded by saying that the situation would revert to the previous arrangement and as a result, young players would have less protection.

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