Carlos Augusto: It’s an honour to wear the jersey of Inter, a very important team

Carlos Augusto, a player with Inter Milan, has given an interview with the club’s official website, via its ‘Matchday Programme’.

Discussing his move from Monza to Inter, Augusto has described it as an ‘honour to wear this shirt’. He cited Brazilian legends Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos as inspirational for his career. “Ronaldo was devastating. Roberto Carlos was incredible in my role,” he stated.

Outside of football, Augusto showed his admiration for basketball legend Michael Jordan with praise not only for his professional achievements but also his tenacity. “I read a lot about him. He never gave up and even when he was the best in the world, he always wanted to improve,” explained Augusto.

Augusto spoke highly of the significance of family and communication in the team. “What’s important to me? The family and the team. These concepts are very similar. It matters to be united and help each other, especially in difficult times” he shared.

For more on this, go to Internews24, the source of the original interview.

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