Caressa: I like Provedel because he never does or says too much

Renowned journalist Fabio Caressa has publicly recognised the recent performances of Lazio goalkeeper, Ivan Provedel.

Caressa commented, “Extraordinary saves. Often involved and always consistent. I appreciate the fact that he never adds unnecessary motions or words. Even when he scored in the Champions League, he did not exuberantly give interviews but always maintained a very serious face, at times somewhat hard. I value his seriousness, it’s a trait that has marked his career.”

The respected journalist went on to commend Provedel’s career trajectory. He alluded to the goalkeeper’s ability to rebound and the growth that he has displayed throughout his career in football.

Caressa continued, stating that “He almost always started as the twelfth man and always bounced back. He has significantly grown by accepting new responsibilities and is mature.”

These statements from Caressa highlight not only Provedel’s technical abilities as a goalkeeper but also his character and professionalism, both on and off the field.

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