Capello: Calciopoli Scudetti were won on field, they were stolen from us

The esteemed football manager, Fabio Capello, revisited the controversial issue of the Calciopoli scandal and the two revoked Serie A titles in a recent event organized by Hgroup.

Speaking of the notorious Calciopoli episode, Capello insisted that Juventus deserved their titles. In quotes, picked up at the event, Capello said, “Those titles were earned on the pitch, they were stolen from us.”

Regarding the current season’s title race, Capello sees a two-horse race. “For this year’s title, I see a race between Inter Milan and Juventus. I do not see any other team that can interfere,” he said.

Capello’s strong words sparked fresh debates in the Italian football community. However, his controversial statements will surely reignite discussions about the Calciopoli scandal and its continuing impact on Italian football.

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