Cannavaro on Calciopoli: We won the championships on the field

The former Juventus and Italian National team defender, Fabio Cannavaro, has expressed a strong opinion on Calciopoli – the 2006 Italian football scandal, and the subsequent awarding of the Scudetto (the Italian league championship) to Inter Milan. This came in an interview with AD Sports TV.

“We were a team that didn’t need anything, we were so much stronger than the others that we could win anyway,” recalled Cannavaro. He continued, showing his disappointment over the situation. “There’s a lot of bitterness because when I see that between 2004 and 2006 we didn’t win any trophies… But for me, that’s still our league title, I still have the medal at home. Actually, I should have two…”

Cannavaro’s comments highlight a continuing sense of resentment and frustration among some over the consequences of Calciopoli. The scandal, which involved several top Italian clubs including Juventus, led to Juventus being stripped of their 2004-05 and 2005-06 Serie A titles. The latter was then controversially awarded to Inter Milan.

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