Cannavaro: Chiesa is key to Juve, I’m on the bench for Napoli

In a recent interview with Tuttosport, football legend Fabio Cannavaro has shared his thoughts on the ongoing Serie A title race between Inter Milan and Juventus. He has also spoken on the potential of him taking over the managerial role at Napoli.

Commenting on the championship race, Cannavaro remarked, “In my opinion, Inter has superior players. They have a more complete squad overall, showing some impressive offensive football. Furthermore, their player Martínez, the current top scorer of the championship, has scored 16 goals and contributed 4 assists in 17 matches. They undeniably have the best attack and defence. On the other hand, Juventus has let many players go and signed just a few, spending minimally due to club’s stringent cost-cutting policy after years of vast spending. Despite experiencing a tough start, they only lost once against Sassuolo, just like Inter, and now they are only two points behind. Numerous close victories are not a coincidence, it is part of the Juventus DNA. A determined, relentless spirit. Always believing. Right until the referee blows the whistle three times.”

Discussing the younger players in Juventus, he singled out a player who could be decisive in the championship race, stating “Chiesa is by far the best Italian player today. If he is physically fit, it’s challenging to contain him. There’s no comparison for the opponents. Federico knows how to break games with his breaks, burning sprints, pace changing, devastating incursions, his goals, and assists. However, he must be in form, at the top, unaffected by physical issues or minor issues.”

Furthermore, Cannavaro responded to speculations around him taking a role at Napoli, saying “It would be about time! It seems like the case, I’m ready. However, the decision lies with the president and honestly, no messages have reached me regarding this. The only actual contact I had was with Besiktas of Turkey. However, they ultimately chose Fernando Santos, the former Portugal national team manager a few days ago. The situation at Napoli is quite tough: the aftermath of Spalletti, an incredibly meticulous coach, did not work. Additionally, the further departures of Kim and Giuntoli impacted heavily. Twenty-two points less than last year is a huge margin, with irate fans.”

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