CalcioNews24 Branches Out to Fantasy Football – Introducing our Guide

Campionews24, in collaboration with veteran fantasy footballer Paolo Rossi and newcomer to the team Stefano Barbero, launches a new guide for fantasy football enthusiasts. Rossi confirms in his official statement saying, “Like millions of Italians, I am a passionate fantasy football player. We have an incoming Fantasy Footballer (an important designation in our context) who will regularly give us meaningful updates.”

Stefano Barbero, the newcomer, talks about his experience and why he joined the team. He states, “This is my twentieth season as a fantasy footballer and when I have free time, I work as a psychologist and in amateur football. I volunteered to be a part of this because a platform like CN24 should definitely engage in fantasy football.”

Rossi acknowledges his own obsession, admitting that he “devotes at least one thought a day to fantasy football.”

Barbero talks about the allure of the game, explaining how it’s a game that consumes its players. He said, “It’s often viewed as the worst game in the world, from which we would want to free ourselves once and for all, yet every season, every week, and at the end of each day we find ourselves thinking about it.”

Rossi probes Barbero about the different forms of fantasy football, pointing out that it’s rare to find two that are exactly alike. In response, Barbero agrees, noting that the strength of the game lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of different groups.

As he outlines his plan of action, Barbero introduces four sections that will guide the fantasy footballer through the week. “On Tuesday we discuss the most disappointing player of the week, Wednesday we talk about the star performers, Thursday we highlight the most anticipated players for the upcoming match and finally, on Friday, we give ‘Fantasy Football Advice’ tailored to each player.”

Rossi ends the conversation, half jokingly cautioning Barbero about the heavy responsibility his new role will carry within the fantasy football community. Barbero responds on a light note saying, “Well, I hadn’t thought that far ahead…! I guess I can’t turn back now… Can I?”

As Per Rossi’s statement, the new guide will go live from tomorrow on the Campionews24 site.

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