Calciomercato Turin, Cairo: Buongiorno wants to stay

Urbano Cairo, the chairman of Torino, has spoken out about the club’s position in the transfer market, making particular reference to speculation surrounding player Buongiorno. The comments were captured during an interview with Sky Sport.

Cairo acknowledged recent investments made by the club and the financial strain it’s under. He stated, “We have made investments and we will close the budget in red. We have been losing for years, but I wanted to give the manager more with the addition of new players.”

On the subject of Buongiorno, Cairo detailed previous discussions he had had with the player. He relayed: “Buongiorno and I had spoken, he had expressed his thoughts and I told him ‘you are extremely important to me, I will be very happy if you stay'”. The chairman confirmed that Buongiorno is under contract with Torino until 2027.

Also, he emphasized the importance of having a team, albeit not a large one. He did not disclose any future plans regarding Buongiorno potentially leaving Torino.

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