Cairo likens Super League to a plague

Urbano Cairo, the president of Torino Football Club, has given a resounding critique of the proposed Super League, in a recent interview with Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Cairo expressed his unequivocal opposition to the idea of this new competition, claiming he has held this position since its earliest discussions, around two and a half years ago. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Cairo said, “As a man deeply involved in football and more widely in sports, I have always been and continue to be entirely opposed to it.”

He further described the Super League as a harmful concept showing zero respect for sporting merits. Cairo suggested the Super League would merely glorify a past era of football and hoped to immortalize it in the future. With these words, “I’ve always seen it as a plague to be avoided. It’s a harmful ploy that gives no consideration to what’s meaningful in sport. It captures a snapshot of the past and seeks to solidify it for the future.”

His blunt remarks shed light on the strong resistance against the Super League from various corners of the footballing world.

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