Cairo indicates Torino’s timeline for new manager, assures Buongiorno is not for sale, and hints at a surprise for 2025-26.

Urbano Cairo, president of Torino, recently shared his insights regarding the club’s coaching future and the possibility of Buongiorno staying with the team.

Speaking at a Lega C event, Cairo reflected on the present and past performances of his Torino squad.

“It has been a challenging season, and up until the last minute, we could have done something more,” Cairo remarked.

The president’s words hint at both the frustrations and the near-misses the team experienced throughout the season, suggesting a desire for stronger outcomes in future campaigns.

During his address, Cairo also touched upon the situation with Buongiorno, one of the club’s key players.

“He is a crucial part of our vision for the future,” Cairo said, expressing hope that the player would continue to be a core element of the team moving forward.

These comments underscore the ongoing negotiations and speculations regarding Buongiorno’s continuity at Torino, a matter that has kept fans and analysts alike eagerly speculating about the club’s next moves.

Cairo’s remarks offer a glimpse into the strategic planning and the potential shifts within Torino as they look towards the upcoming seasons. The president’s statements make it clear that maintaining stability and aiming for higher achievements are priorities for the club.

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