Cairo: “I’m not selling Buongiorno and he wants to stay at Torino”

Urbano Cairo, the president of Torino FC, spoke on Italian radio station Rai Radio1 about the football transfer market and insisted that one of the club’s promising talents, Buongiorno, is not for sale.

Cairo emphasized, “Buongiorno? I’m not selling him, I want to keep him and he wants to stay, he’s growing enormously”. Referring to the financial implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global football economy, he spoke about the importance of developing young players as a way to keep on the positive side of balance sheet. However, in Buongiorno’s case, the young star is not going anywhere.

According to Cairo, speaking on Rai Radio1, the club has had to withstand not just pandemic related financial strain but also lowball transfer offers for their best players. He particularly mentioned the case of Belotti. “He had a 100 million clause, but the most they offered me was 20 million”, Cairo revealed.

The Torino President also shared a bit about his own dreams and aspirations. Being a dreamer himself, he confesses he always imagined the things he could do at the football club. From his early days, Cairo revealed he had a passion for football, trying to emulate the likes of right-winger Claudio Sala, albeit unsuccessfully.

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