Cagliari, Ranieri: We must save ourselves, even on the last day, we have played good football

Cagliari coach, Claudio Ranieri, has given his thoughts after the recent match with Monza to DAZN.

He hailed his players for surprising their opponents with ‘rhythm and intensity’. Despite difficulties facing formidable players in the second half, Ranieri commended his team for equalizing from a corner kick.

“We could have won with Lapadula, but it’s okay this way,” said Ranieri, implying that while his team could have nicked a win, he’s content with their performance.

Commenting on the team’s progress in the league, Ranieri showed a steely resolve to navigate what lies ahead.

He is keen to instill in his team a sense of self-awareness and determination. He reiterated that the initial eight games were a tough curtain-raiser, but he believes his team is now gaining momentum.

“There’s an awareness that we’ve entered our league,” Ranieri noted. “I’ve always told the guys that we’ll have to fight every Sunday. We must save ourselves, even on the last day.”

He concluded by pointing out that his team played good football, a sentiment that will likely be echoed by the fans.

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