Cagliari-Empoli Ends in Goalless Draw at Unipol Domus

At the Unipol Domus stadium, Cagliari and Empoli faced off in a match as part of the 18th round in Serie A 2023/2024.

The match, Cagliari vs. Empoli, started with both teams sizing each other up early on. By the 14th minute, Azzi made a crucial save from Caputo’s pass to Maldini, successfully deflecting the ball to the corner with the tip of his foot.

In the 19th minute, Cagliari had an opportunity. Azzi’s strike from the edge of the penalty area skimmed the post and went out of play.

Protests erupted at the 30th minute when Maleh, already cautioned earlier, moved the ball away while the game was still active. The players voiced their discontent towards Maresca for not issuing a second yellow card.

A powerful shot by Cambiaghi in the 35th minute was successfully blocked by Goldaniga.

As the second half kicked off, Caprile showed off his skills in the 55th minute, making an impressive save against Pavoletti’s header following a cross by Viola.

A free kick by Viola in the 65th minute caught Caprile off-guard, with the ball slipping past and finding its way into the net. However, the goal was cancelled three minutes later after a VAR review found Pavoletti guilty of fouling Caprile.

A save made by Azzi in the 77th minute averted another potential goal. Scuffet’s deflection towards Gyasi was intercepted, saving an unguarded goal post.

Penalty drama ensued in the 78th minute when Walukiewicz’s arm caught Pavoletti in the area. Maresca pointed straight to the spot, awarding a penalty to Cagliari. But the penalty was saved, with Caprile diving and successfully deflecting Viola’s shot.

Yellow cards were issued to Maleh in the 28th minute, Lapadula in the 29th, Cacace in the 64th, and Walukiewicz in the 78th.

The match came to an end with both teams failing to break the deadlock, resulting in a 0-0 draw.

In total, four players were cautioned: Maleh (28′), Lapadula (29′), Cacace (64′), and Walukiewicz (78′). Cagliari was coached by Ranieri while the Empoli squad was led by Andreazzoli.

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