Cagliari, Catte: Aspired to score more points, market updates on the horizon

Carlo Catte, Cagliari’s Chief Executive Officer, discussed the club’s season in an interview with Unione Sarda.

Summarising a challenging start to the Serie A season, Catte stated: “It’s been a difficult first half, as we’ve all said from day one. We hoped to have a few more points, we missed out on several occasions because of minor details.” He emphasised, however, on the need to fine-tune these issues in order to secure Cagliari’s survival in Serie A.

On the topic of the winter transfer window, Catte addressed the expectations for squad enhancements. He explained that despite the static financial position of the club, they are aware of possessing a skilled team, led by ‘exceptional’ manager and staff. He gave assurances that the best chance for Cagliari to stay in Serie A is by continuing to work with the players and team they have. Catte encouraged the supporters to recognise the quality of the team and continue backing them.

More of the Interview can be found on Cagliari News 24.

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