Cagliari, Augello: Honour to Still be with Ranieri

Tommaso Augello, the Cagliari winger, has shared his experiences about his relationship with the team and manager Claudio Ranieri, in an interview with Videolina Sport.

Augello described his time in Cagliari, “I am settling in well. I have come to a new environment, having joined a strong group that returned to Serie A following an incredible run. We have a wonderful fan base here that provides high-level support. I like it and want to contribute and be a positive factor for the team.”

About his relationship with the manager Claudio Ranieri, Augello said, “Reuniting with Ranieri, who launched my Serie A debut in Genoa with Sampdoria, is a great honour. There’s a positive rapport with him. It’s his decision on how and where I should play, whether to use me as the fourth in the defense line or the fifth back with a three-man defense. We adjust to the opponent and the game plan, but the manager is a guide who has widely demonstrated his capabilities in every circumstance.”

These words, taken from his interview with Videolina Sport, reflect not just the respect Augello has for Ranieri but also his willingness to adapt to meet the team’s needs and aspirations. He expressed his enthusiasm for the environment and underscored his commitment to contribute to the team’s overall performance.

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