Bucchi: Young Ricci was always the most prepared

Former Empoli coach, Christian Bucchi, has praised the skills of Torino midfielder, Samuele Ricci.

Bucchi, who coached Ricci during his time at Empoli, shared insights into the player’s uncommon character and work ethic. The ex-coach was not surprised by Ricci’s rise in the ranks of Italian football.

In a direct quote from his conversation with calcionews24.com, Bucchi said: “There are players who have been gifted by mother nature, the Torino man has an extraordinary character. I am not surprised he has made it to the top, with the patron and Accardi, we had pointed him out when he was in the youth teams.”

Bucchi further emphasized on Ricci’s maturity and commitment to his work from an early stage.

“His was not the attitude of a youngster training with the seniors, he behaved like a mature player. He was always the most prepared. After the challenge with Cittadella, he started playing as a regular and began his cycle,” Bucchi said, translating the direct speech into indirect language.

Ricci’s excellent performance on the field continues to affirm his former coach’s confidence in his capabilities. His ongoing cycle suggests a promising trajectory in the football world.

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