Brighton’s Lallana: De Zerbi is ready for a top club

Brighton midfielder, Adam Lallana spoke highly of De Zerbi after their victory against Tottenham.

Lallana praised De Zerbi’s simple yet effective football methodology. The former Liverpool star has been impressed by De Zerbi’s holistic approach to football which he believes reduces dependency on excessive resources.

Lallana said, “He started from nothing, so he needs nothing; he only needs a bunch of balls, cones and a bit of grass and then we’ll get out to train. That’s all he wants.”

The midfielder went on to explain the impact of De Zerbi’s approach on the squad, saying, “And when you have a group of 20 honest guys who love and follow him, it’s all he wants, it makes him happy.”

Lallana anticipates that De Zerbi’s tactical aptitude will grab the attention of top-tier teams. He stated, “Sure, there will be interest and eventually he will manage a top, top, top team. It’s simply a matter of fact.”

The Brighton man concluded by emphasising on De Zerbi’s current focus is on Brighton, saying, “But especially right now, he understands that he’s doing well here at the moment, he’s enjoying his time here, and we all feel it as players.”

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