Bremer: I’m very happy to renew with Juventus, hope…

Juventus central defender, Gleison Bremer, has spoken to Sky Sport following the renewal of his contract with the team.

Bremer expressed his gratification and hopes for the future, stating, “I am very happy to renew with Juventus and I hope to do very well and continue on this path.” He revealed the factors behind his decision to stay with Juventus, noting the team’s consistent performance and familial approach as key elements.

“Why Juventus and not the other teams that wanted me? I chose Juventus because it was a winning team, they won the league titles in a row. When I got here I realized that they are a family, this struck me the most. This year has been a better year. The first one was about settling, we went through many different things. When the director arrived, he gave us peace, I learned from the mistakes and now I am fine,” he said during his interview with Sky Sport.

It’s clear that his acclimatisation period has ended with his first year and further established with the director’s arrival, bringing an enhanced sense of calm to the team. Now, having learned from past mistakes, Bremer feels he is in a good place with Juventus.

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