Bologna’s Thiago Motta: This enthusiasm only does good

After Bologna’s victory over Atalanta, Manager Thiago Motta expressed his thoughts on the game in an interview with DAZN.

The win held great significance for Motta, who highlighted the complexity of the match and the challenges his team had faced over the week, with matches against Roma and Inter Milan. Motta was quoted on DAZN as saying, “It was a big win, a very complicated game at the end of a week in which we played against Roma and then Inter for 120 minutes. We managed to be mentally strong, taking the game to the end and then grabbing the 3 points.”

Regarding the mutual support between the team and the fans, Motta said, “I am very pleased with the chemistry between the public and the team. What these guys are doing is extraordinary. I have great admiration for them, they manage to handle weeks like this one. From the first day of work, they have shown this spirit and the audience recognises it. We need the push from the public during the less beautiful moments. Today the audience was present until the end and made a significant contribution.”

The Bologna manager encouraged optimism among the fans but urged his team to stay focused on the task at hand. Motta said, “This enthusiasm is only good, people have the right to dream. We have the duty to do our best, with commitment and a smile. We’re not even halfway through the championship, we have 2 days to recover and then we concentrate on Udinese.”

In terms of squad management, he drew attention to players like Ndoye and Ferguson, their recent performances, and the impact they have on the team. He added, “Ndoye we need to evaluate, we’ll see in the coming days. He’s a serious guy who knows he always has to think positively to recover well. Ferguson is a leader, on and off the pitch. He is always the first to work at his best, but we have others like Freuler, Calafiori, and Zirkzee who also take leadership roles on the field.”

When asked about his evolution so far, Motta emphasised the importance of personal improvement and focusing on doing the right things. Notably, he said, “The most important thing is that the man you are mirrors your job. I always try to improve and do the right things. It’s not easy, but it’s the most important thing and I try to convey it to my boys. Everyone gives their best and I cannot do differently, for myself, for this team’s colour and for my boys, and that will be until the very end.”

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