Bologna, Thiago Motta: Fiorentina favourites, two names in market watch

Bologna will once again step onto the pitch, this time for the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia against Fiorentina, last season’s finalist, following their elimination of the reigning champions Inter. With much enthusiasm, both fans and the team are eager to see if the rossoblu can cause an upset and potentially position themselves as strong contenders for the cup. Yet, in a recent press conference, Bologna head coach, Thiago Motta, played down his side’s chances whilst pointing towards Fiorentina’s strengths. These comments were recorded by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

On the subject of favorites for the upcoming match, Motta stated: “Given the format of this Coppa Italia and considering that an Inter-Fiorentina match-up was the expected outcome for many, Fiorentina are the favorites.”

Motta went on to acknowledge Fiorentina’s performance advantage, implying its superiority over Bologna. “For a long time, they have been ahead of us, and we are working hard to bridge this gap. [Fiorentina Head Coach Giuseppe] Italiano is a skilled coach with top players at his disposal. All we can do is go out there and play our football.”

Speaking also about potential transfers, Motta expressed his desire for recruits who could raise the current level of play. He emphasized the importance of versatility in modern football and underlined a need for at least two new players for the squad. Motta stated, without specifying positions or names, “Two players – two priorities to maintain today’s standards. Versatile players because in current football, if you can only do one thing you are a phenomenon, so I would like players who can do more. But if they bring me a phenomenon, I would still be happy…”

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