Bologna reportedly favour Italiano for manager, considering Palladino and Tedesco as alternatives

Bologna has identified three candidates to replace Thiago Motta as head coach, with Italiano as the leading contender, followed by Palladino and Tedesco.

The club is diligently working to appoint a new manager following Motta’s departure. According to Corriere dello Sport, the management’s objective is to finalise the appointment as swiftly as possible.

Despite various speculations, including names like Pioli, the focus seems to be narrowing down to the aforementioned trio.

A source close to the club mentioned, “We are prioritising a swift resolution to ensure stability and continuity within the team,” reported Corriere dello Sport.

With Italiano emerging as the favourite, expectations are high that Bologna will make an official announcement imminently.

In the meantime, Palladino and Tedesco remain in consideration, should negotiations with Italiano face any hurdles.

Stay tuned as we follow this developing story and bring you the latest updates on Bologna’s quest to find their new head coach.

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