Bologna, Motta: Not the Right Time for Renewal, On Big Clubs

Bologna’s manager, Thiago Motta, has addressed the team’s loss against Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals, according to an interview given to Sportmediaset.

When questioned about a potential contract renewal, Motta said, “It’s not the time to answer such a question. I respect it, but it’s not the time.” He was clear about his commitment to Bologna, stating that he’s not thinking about a ‘big’ move away from the club.

“I’m only thinking about Bologna,” the coach expressed. He refused to answer the question not because of its nature, but because he believes it’s not the right moment to discuss this, especially after a defeat.

Motta also reflected on the game, saying, “Tonight we lacked a goal after a good game, but that’s football.” He added, once the initial disappointment is absorbed, the team will return to training in preparation for their next match against Cagliari.

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