Bologna, Ferguson: They were better today, but we won’t erase what we’ve done so far

Bologna’s midfielder, Lewis Ferguson, has spoken out after the team’s defeat against Udinese.

Ferguson aired his views on Bologna’s official broadcast, expressing his disappointment over the result. “We were not the usual Bologna today. Udinese played better and deservedly won,” he said, according to Bologna’s official channels.

The footballer, however, rejected any suggestion that the team’s performance could undermine what they have achieved so far this season. He stressed the need to “look ahead to make a great 2024” and reiterated that “there’s always pressure in football”, something that has possibly increased due to their currently high ranking.

In the wake of the defeat, rather than allowing room for discouragement, Ferguson urged his team to “stay focused and prepare well for the match against Genoa”.

Addressing the loyal Bologna fans, those who have stood by the team from the start to the end of the match, Ferguson thanked them. “Our fans are always incredible,” he stated.

He also expressed regret that he would be missing the next match due to disqualification. “I would like to play always but I am banned. For a day, I will be fan just like them,” Ferguson said.

He concluded with a humbling reminder to the team, emphasising that, as part of their responsibilities, they would like to always deliver the performances that the fans deserve.

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