Bologna, Ferguson: One of the most significant goals of my career

Bologna’s midfielder Lewis Ferguson commented on their victory against Atalanta in a recent post-match interview with DAZN.

Speaking on his goal, Ferguson described it as “one of the most important” of his career. He added that it was a challenging match against a strong Atalanta team, but despite the intense past seven days involving three high-level games, they have come out on top. “We’re tired but it’s been a great week”, he said. Ferguson also noted that the team is currently performing well, working hard every day and united in the same direction.

Moving on to the topic of Bologna’s coach, Thiago Motta, Ferguson was keen to express the confidence the squad has in him. “Thiago Motta believes in us, and we trust him”, he stated. According to Ferguson, the blend of young players and experienced individuals alongside a coach aiming high has resulted in their current standing in the Champions League. However, he stressed the importance of focusing on one match at a time, and added, “everything is possible, alongside our supporters, we can dream”.

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