Bologna, De Silvestri: Fought over every ball, strength of group emerged

Bologna defender Lorenzo De Silvestri spoke out following the team’s victorious Coppa Italia comeback against Inter. The triumph witnessed in extra time was hailed by De Silvestri in an interview with Sportmediaset.

De Silvestri was quoted as saying, “It was a game where every ball was fought for. Inter is a strong team, we played until the end. Congratulations to the entire team.” He pinpoints the strength and unity of the Bologna squad coming to fore in this critical match.

According to De Silvestri, the win feels like a gift that football occasionally throws your way when there’s a blend of good work on field and a strong desire to be united. The Bologna defender emphasized on the hard work and effort put in by the team.

“Since last season, we have undertaken a game project and a union of the entire environment. We are enjoying this moment with our heads held high and a strong desire to do well,” De Silvestri added. He revealed that the team’s immediate focus post this win would be to rest and then set sights on the upcoming big match against Atalanta.

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