Bologna and Zirkzee’s double clause in favour of Bayern: the details

Joshua Zirkzee is undoubtedly one of the most consistent players in the first few months of Serie A, exhibiting impressive progress. Clauses in his contract have recently become a point of interest.

Zirkzee’s present contract includes an exclusive clause valued at a minimum of €40 million, a figure that could increase to nearly €50 million should another club join the bidding war. If Manchester United were to express interest, the price would elevate in line with certain criteria.

However, if Manchester United were to make an offer of €60 million, Bayern would be given the first option to match the bid. Ultimately, the final decision would hinge on the player’s choice should he decide to leave Bologna.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, when drafting Zirkzee’s contract, a provision was included that reserves a percentage of the profits from any potential future sale. This percentage is stipulated at around 50%, which would go to the German club.

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