Blessin: I wanted to give more to Genoa, it’s in my heart

Alexander Blessin, the former coach of Italian football team Genoa, has shared his experiences of managing the team in an interview with football website

Blessin reflected on his time off the pitch stating, “I was without a team for six months and I thought about everything that didn’t work.” He openly expressed regret about the club’s performance during his tenure, telling the football website, “I wanted to give more to the fans.”

Blessin’s relationship with the Genoa fans was indeed a high point of his tenure, as he noted the rapport he had established with them from the very beginning. Despite coming to the club after a devastating 6-0 loss to Fiorentina, Blessin led the team to close out games with more than a point per match.

He mentioned that such a performance might have been enough to stave off relegation had the campaign began on a positive note, hinting at a hypothetical scenario where one additional game or victory could have made a difference.

The former Genoa coach also noted the challenges faced following the team’s fall from Serie A, saying, “When we were relegated, my only thought was to get Genoa back where it belongs. But Serie B is a different, tough league: we weren’t able to adapt.”

Nevertheless, Blessin cherished the opportunity to manage Genoa. He concluded by saying, “still, having coached Genoa will always be a honor for me. They will always have a place in my heart.” This sentiment underscores his enduring affection for the club and its supporters despite the professional setbacks he faced while at the helm.

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