Best of 2023: The 5 unforgettable Ibrahimovic moments with Milan – sixth tonight

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish football star, is set to bid his official farewell to AC Milan. It’s no easy task to distil Ibrahimovic’s most memorable moments to a top five list. However, his personality, character, and significant contribution to Milan will always be remembered. Among these notable moments:

1) On 29 August 2010, Ibrahimovic marked his return to Italy from spells at Juventus and Inter Milan with the declaration, “This year we’ll win everything, we are the strongest in Italy”. His actions proved his words, as Milan ended up winning the league title that season.

According to comments voiced by Marco Branca, a former Inter Milan player and official, “With Ibrahimovic’s arrival, Milan came close, but his words are repetitive, although some are happy to hear them”. Ibrahimovic’s decision to join AC Milan over his former club Inter Milan did create some ripples. Yet his decisive role in assisting the Rossoneri snatch the league title from their city rivals justified his high-spirited proclamation.

2) Flash forward to 29 October 2011. Ibrahimovic made headlines again with the decisive double strike against Roma. His promise to “make San Siro jump” was memorable and showcased the enduring quality of his game.

3) Then, on 2 January 2020, at the age of 38, Ibrahimovic returned to Italy from the United States. He was welcomed by team mate Boban. His comeback sparked a new period in his life and ignited much interest in playoff stories.

His return seemed to breathe new life into Serie A, adding a much-needed sprinkle of stardom, as reflected in Italy’s Corriere dello Sport declaring, “Io c’e” (I am here).

4) On 1 November 2020, Ibrahimovic won a tough match in Udine, scoring one goal himself and assisting Kessie for another. He reiterated his self-assured nature, stating, “With me, you can be calm”.

5) Lastly, 22 May 2022 saw Milan celebrate one of their most unexpected and exhilarating league title wins. Although Ibrahimovic’s physical contribution on the pitch wasn’t as substantial as in previous seasons, his motivational off-field influence was invaluable. His speech at the locker room in Reggio Emilia, where he declared, “When we started on the first day, when I arrived, then others arrived, not many believed in us… when we understood we had to make sacrifices, suffer, believe, and work… when we became a group, we managed to do what we did,” cemented his pivotal role.

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