Bayern Munich’s DS: Kane has proven to be worth every penny

Bayern Munich’s Sporting Director, Cristoph Freund, has discussed the club’s transfer tactics for the coming January window.

Discussing the potential for big-ticket acquisitions akin to Harry Kane’s, he said, “I believe that Harry has proven to be worth every penny. If everything goes well, if everyone is sure that the transfer can add so much to the team, then perhaps it will happen again. But if it does not work as well as Harry’s, there will surely be criticisms.” This quote serves to highlight Bayern’s approach to its upcoming transfer activity, weighing the potential benefits against the possible public criticism should a high-profile signing not perform as expected.

Freund’s comments suggest a level of caution while approaching the transfer market, aiming for a balance between bolstering the squad and managing expectations. Yet it leaves open the possibility that Bayern may pursue further high-profile players should they possess a proven track record, as Kane has.

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