Baschirotto credits Lecce for his meteoric rise to Serie A

Lecce defender Baschirotto has recently spoken out on TG1 about this season’s journey with the Italian football club. He looks back at his growth with a sense of astonishment, having seen himself jump triple-fold from Serie D to Serie A over the course of four years.

“This journey has been nothing short of insane and I would say almost impossible, but it has happened,” Baschirotto stated to TG1.

The defender went on to comment about the current Lecce team. “Lecce is a great team, there are many young, even inexperienced players, but we ride the wave of enthusiasm,” he added. This statement reflects the team’s ability to tap the strengths of their young squad to fuel their progress in the game.

The season has undeniably seen a remarkable collective effort from the Puglia-based club, propelling them through the ranks in Italian football. However, Baschirotto’s personal journey from Serie D to Serie A within four years pinpoints his crucial role in this evolution, perfectly embodying Lecce’s ‘wave of enthusiasm’.

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