Barzaghi explains the situation of Zirkzee’s Inter Milan transfer saga

Football analyst Matteo Barzaghi has shared insights into the potential future of Joshua Zirkzee at Inter, in a detailed discussion on YouTube about the current Inter transfer market.

Barzaghi said, “Zirkzee? Inter could pull off an attack similar to Pavard, I don’t believe he will cost much more, especially because with Bologna, some parallel operations could be attempted, using a good channel that we have already seen with Arnautovic and Fabbian. Some technical counterparts could be found in order to lower the cash figure. It’s a dream, but it’s worth a try.”

He also added that, “There’s also Guirassy that we talked about a lot in January. His release clause is still at 17 and a half million, so he would cost a lot less. He’s also very much liked by Milan.”

These statements suggest a dynamic and evolving landscape in the Inter transfer market, and point to the potential for ingenuity and strategy in their approach.

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