Barnabé in Parma: We all want Serie A, me first

Following Parma’s recent victory against Ternana in Serie B, midfielder Adrian Bernabé has shared his thoughts on the match and his performance this season.

Bernabé expressed satisfaction with the team’s growth, highlighting their ability to manage the game better regardless of whether they are leading or trailing. He stated, “It’s true, we’ve matured a lot and handle the game better, be it in advantage or disadvantage. This is what counts. We are confident and happy, but we need to continue to work hard.”

Appearances suggest that Bernabé is in the finest form of his career to date considering his successful stats this season. However, when asked if this is his best moment, he replied: “It’s the moment when I’m producing more stats. I feel that I play well and I score goals and make assists, and that’s what counts at the end of the year. But for me, the three points matter, not the individual statistics.”

The Parma midfielder clearly demonstrated his aspiration to reach Serie A, “We all want Serie A, me first.”

The source of these direct quotes is an interview with Bernabé after the game against Ternana. Through his comments, it’s evident that team success is his main focus, overshadowing any personal accomplishments.

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