Bari, Vicari: We understand fans’ unease, aim to change course

Bari defender, Francesco Vicari, shared his thoughts with Tele Bari following their Serie B defeat against Spezia last evening.

Vicari expressed his team’s disappointment and admitted that despite putting in a solid performance in the first half, Spezia managed to score following an injury, turning the tide of the game. According to Vicari, poor performances in the second half can’t be pinned on individual players. “We all made mistakes,” he said.

Commenting on their decreased momentum in the second half, Vicari reflected, “When you push hard the entire first-half, it’s natural to have moments where you’re trying not to suffer. We didn’t do as well, but I think that’s normal against a strong team that puts you under pressure.”

Despite coming up short, Vicari believed that the match was evenly contested. “We had many opportunities. It was a balanced match. We need to try and win these kinds of games,” he said.

Regarding the frustration of Bari fans, Vicari stated, “We can’t say anything to the fans. We understand their frustration, which is also ours. We want to do even more to turn things around.” Although disappointing, he conveyed the team’s determination to bounce back and alter their trajectory for the better.

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